Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct listed below is the common standard of behavior for all members of United Extreme Gaming. Violations of the Code of Conduct can result in removal from the community, depending on the severity. All members must address any questions or concerns through the proper chain of command.

1. No cheating as defined by Xbox Live Terms of Service

2. No drama, disrespect or discrimination / harassment ( sexual, racial, etc.)

3. No promoting the illegal use of drugs or alcohol to minors

4. When you are a part of UEG, you cannot be apart of any other gaming community on Xbox Live

5. UEG will remain neutral with all other gaming communities

6. You have the privilege to request a UEG gamertag after you achieve the rank of master chief. Special cases are decided on by your captain.

7. Members are not allowed to create, own, or manage any websites, social media accounts, clubs, etc. that contain the UEG name without prior approval.

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