Our Mission

United Extreme Gaming (UEG), is a community dedicated to the betterment of online gaming experiences. We strive to provide an inclusive environment and believe there are no boundaries of race, religion, creed, or gender within the gaming community.

Quite simply, we are here to be both a fun and competitive gaming community. UEG’s dedicated leaders strive to promote professionalism and courtesy towards all members of the community to make the most enjoyable gaming experience for everyone.

Our History

The original Founders of UEG were UEG TwistedHell, UEG Nicodemus, UEG O’ Riley, and GI Tech. UEG was formed from a community called GI to be a community that is both competitive and fun but to also stand for what is right as gamers across the world. The only remaining founder of the original UEG that remains is TwistedHell AC who is an inactive Advisory Commander lvl 0.
In early 2017, due to a disagreement on the future, UEG split into two separate entities. The new UEG saw an opportunity to rejuvenate the community back to its former glory. UEG STONE CO became the first Admiral, and with the help of KrazyInTheHead, UEG Complex, and UEG Flynn, they brought these ideas to life.

Our Goals

We are a professional gaming community that strives to bring mature, like minded individuals together for one purpose –

Here in UEG you will find many different perks that normal Xbox clans do not offer, such as:

8 separate branches, each with their designated game or games.


A structured community ranking system

A clear Code of Conduct

An active Discord

A rich history (established in 2006)

Supportive staff members

And much more.

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